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dynamic women's Group



Aimee Gallin and Sarah Douglas

Contact Info: 

 845-679-8650 ext. 105




 Maverick Family Counseling, 404 Zena Road, Woodstock, NY

Target Clients: 

 Women interested in group therapy.

Group Description:

This weekly therapy group provides a safe and supportive environment for taking a deeper look at the way we function in relationship to ourselves and others. In addition to discussion, we incorporate gentle movement and exercises that awaken creativity. Participants gain greater awareness of recurring patterns and explore ways to shift behaviors that do not serve them. Areas of exploration may include communication skills, authenticity, relationships challenges, self-esteem, revising assumptions, and envisioning new paths. This group is open to anyone who identifies as female.

If you have an emergency, go to your local emergency room or call 911.

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